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ECOWOOD main production – high quality oak flooring, door, stairs and wood panels.

ECOWOOD’s Symmetrically Balanced 3-Layer Oak Flooring (Symmetrical 2xOAK) structure probably is the best flooring construction on the market – combining together the benefits of solid oak flooring and & advantages of usual multi-ply flooring.

ECOWOOD was founded in 2002. Production plant including production facilities, warehouses and kiln driers takes area over 5 ha and is located in Vilkija, near Kaunas, Lithuania.

ECOWOOD currently employes 150 skilled woodworking professionals.

In 2007 ECOWOOD has developed and launched production of Symmetrically Balanced 3-Layer Oak Flooring.

Each year ECOWOOD investing in modernisation of woodworking machinery and equipment as well as environmental protection and social projects.

ECOWOOD is providing natural wood products: non-toxic and environmentally friendly flooring only. Using only environmentally friendly formaldehyde-free PUR glue for multilayer structure and natural SAICOS wood oil as well.

These steps let us achieve highest product quality and production process sustainability.

ECOWOOD has reduced wood waste to minimum – cuttings and sawdust are being reproduced into wood briquettes.

ECOWOOD is using only Green Lithuanian Energy at the production plant.

Green Lithuanian Energy is a trademark which will be used to mark electricity produced from renewable energy resources of Lithuania. Currently all electricity marked with this trademark is generated in Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant, the largest power plant in Lithuania which uses renewable energy resources.

Using Green Lithuanian Energy only ECOWOOD pays attention to ecological problems and to the importance of renewable energy resources in their context and to give additional value: Lithuanian origin of the product and the possibility to promote saving the environment in which they are developing their activity.

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